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cmd368体育:Pesticides offer bees a risky allure农药竟然是蜜蜂危险性的欲望Bees flit from flower to flower dining on nectar. Sometimes that nectar may contain traces of widely used pesticides. Yet the bees are unlikely to know which nectar is tainted. Indeed, they cant taste these pesticides, a new study finds. However, the pesticides are similar to nicotine. This can encourage the bees to come back for more. And especially troubling: A second new study suggests the pesticides can harm some wild bees.蜜蜂轻盈的从一朵花飞回另一朵花上收集花蜜,有时这些花蜜上可能会残余常用的农药,但是蜜蜂或许察觉到将近哪个花蜜已被其污染。一项新的研究找到他们的确尝不出农药的味道。


The pesticides are known as neonicotinoids (Nee-oh-NICK-uh-tin-oydz). Farmers use them to protect their crops from certain insects. The two new bee studies add to the controversy surrounding the use of these chemicals on corn and other crops.农药也称作新的烟碱类农药,农民利用它来维护庄稼免遭一些昆虫的毁坏。两项关于蜜蜂的新研究使得农药在玉米及其他庄稼上的用于更为倍受争议。In the lab, scientists tested how nerves in the mouthparts of honeybees and bumblebees respond to three widely used neonicotinoids. And they found no reaction to any of them. What this means: I dont think they can taste it at all, says Geraldine Wright. She works at Newcastle University in England. There, she studies nerve signaling in bees.实验室里,针对蜜蜂和大黄蜂口腔内的神经对三种常常用于的新烟碱农药的体现,科学家展开了一场测试。

最后结果是他们找到两种蜜蜂对其没任何反应。就任于英格兰纽卡斯尔大学专门从事蜜蜂神经信号研究的Geraldine Wrightbiaoshi 认为这意味著蜜蜂尝不出农药的任何味道。

Her teams new findings suggest that bees in nature cant taste or avoid nectar laced with the chemicals. They published their new data online April 22 in Nature.她的团队的新发现指出大大自然中的蜜蜂尝不出或者说无法防止沾有化学物质的花蜜。4月22号他们在大自然杂志上在线公开发表了这新实验数据。Especially troubling: The chemistry of the pesticides may keep bees coming back for more, Wright says. Offered a choice in the lab, both honeybees and bumblebees preferred sugar water dosed with a neonicotinoid pesticide. The insects sipped more of it than plain sugar water. The bees might not have tasted a difference between the two feeders. Wright回应特别是在令人烦恼的是,农药这种化学物质可能会制止蜜蜂飞回来收集更加多花蜜。实验室,他们找到蜜蜂和大黄蜂更为讨厌掺有烟碱类农药的糖水并且与普通糖水比一起,他们不会喝更加多。